What’s Your Website’s Home Page Really Saying?

While the mainstream media may be doing its part to convince us that graphics are king, an over reliance on them just doesn’t work when you’re trying to sell a product or service.

And when you consider the fact that more and more business buyers are using the Internet to research products and services before they buy, then it becomes clear how important your website truly is to your bottom line.

Your website is the hub of your online presence, so you need to pay close attention to the impression it makes on your visitors.

Think about it.

A potential prospect takes the time to visit your site. When they arrive, you have only a few seconds to convince them they’re in the right place.

If your home page is loaded with flashy -- but frankly meaningless -- graphics and little to no text, then you’ve not only not answered whatever questions they may have had, you’ve also just lost a potential customer.

I see more and more websites these days whose home pages say nothing -- and I mean nothing.

There may be one huge graphic in the middle of the page, but there is absolutely nothing else to indicate who the company is or what it offers.

Some home pages are so obtuse they don’t even supply simple navigation links.

What is a visitor supposed to do with that? I can tell you in two words: go elsewhere.

Now go back and look at your home page again. And this time look at it from the perspective of a first time visitor.

Does your home page make them want to know more? Or are they quickly clicking away?

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