Email Marketing Still Brings Top ROI

In order to raise awareness of your product or service, educate, dispel uncertainty, and convert leads to customers (and keep them coming back), you must do two things:
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Stay in front of potential clients.
The reasons for this are simple. When you’re seen as an expert, you become the obvious choice when a customer is ready to buy.

But achieving this expert status requires that you stay in front of potential customers on a regular basis.

In fact, the “Rule of Seven,” a concept first popularized by marketing expert, Jeffrey Lant, PhD, states that it takes an average of seven points of contact within an 18-month period before your target audience will begin to feel comfortable enough to do business with you.

Likewise, the best way to ensure your marketing is getting the most response is by targeting people who are receptive to your message.

And one of the easiest ways your business can accomplish all these goals is by -- you guessed it -- harnessing the power of email marketing.

When used correctly, email can be one of the most cost effective tools in your marketing repertoire, as it allows you to inexpensively keep in touch with existing customers and bring in new ones.

Through informative, engaging content delivered to subscribers on a regular basis, you go from being a vendor who is simply hawking a product or service to an expert who specializes in providing value -- two things critical to the growth of your business.

So look closely at your email program.

Are you providing valuable content to your subscribers? Are you focused on becoming the trusted resource prospects contact when they’re finally ready to buy? Are you using email at all?

Whether you’re a seasoned email marketer or just starting out, the more thought you put into your strategy, the more results you’ll see.

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